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Nintendo Junkies of the World

'Cause we all need a little love sometimes

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This community was created for people who need just "A little bit of help"...... with that difficult part in the game. The community is mostly for gameboy/GBC/GBA/GBSP games, and pre-'64-era stuff. Please keep discussion to Nintendo-based game systems *only* so you have a better chance of getting specific answers to questions.

Reviews are welcomed and encouraged, especially since GB games tend to either rock or suck, with no middle ground in between.

If you're stuck in a game, post which game, where you are, and the specific situation. Please do not link to walkthroughs, and avoid giving the direct answer.

Example: Say the person is looking for a key
Good: Look in the mountains by a clump of trees.
Bad: There's a switch in a clump of trees in the mountains. Cut down all the bushes to reveal and step on it. This will reveal......

The idea is to help people, not lead them around by the nose.

While the use of walkthroughs is discouraged, feel free to write and post them for review. Writing them is fun, using them is wrong. Know the difference. ^,,,^

You know we had to get to it....

1) Be respectful. Intelligent debate is encouraged, but don't comment unless you can back up what you say with personal experience or facts.
2) People are intelligent. If they ask for help, help them, don't lead them around by the nose. (See previous example.)
3) Spellcheck exists for a reason, and the mods are nazis for it. A few typos are fine, but please make sure your post is legible, or it will be deleted.
3a) Any posts that use "u" as an abbreviation for "you" will be systematically executed.
3b) Use capitals, it's "I" not "i".
3c) Use paragraphs. If you post a block of text, it will be deleted. It is not the mod's job to edit for your laziness.

4) The mocking and smackdown of idiots is encouraged. (Feel free to post any gaming humor.)
4a) Just because someone is not as good as you at a game does not mean they are an idiot. If they ask a respectful question, Rule 1 applies. If they violate rules 2-3, it's open season.
5) Any links to walkthroughs (unless you're looking for a review) will be deleted and the member warned.
6) Please be clear when asking for help. State the game, the system, what level/where you are, and the specific situation.
7) Please keep long entries hidden behind an LJ cut.

Thank you for reading/following, and now have fun. Fly, my gaming monkeys! Fly!