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Gaming Conundrum

So here's the question....

I'm moving out, and a select amount of money is budgeted from my paycheque for games.  (I am such a nintendo whore....)  Nayway, I'm looking at buying for myself first, a TV/vcr system, and then pimping it up with some hardcore nintendo-y goodness.

So here's a question--what game system should I get?  I already have an SP and '64, and I'm wavering between a NES or a SNES, or if I really save a GC (because Zelda owns my soul and Windwalker looks sexy.)  Money is a bit of an issue, but not much of one, as I don't have (much) of a problem with saving.

So, internet monkeys, to which new demon should I sell my soul?

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Borrow Buy my NES, cheap. Make me a deal, you'll need to go buy a power cable tho.
I have an old NES AC adapter that's useless to me. If you buy this person's NES, you can have it Meika =D
And if you like how medieval Ocarina is, you're going to go crazy for the NEXT Zelda for GameCube. It's so dark and evil.. and not cel-shaded. BTW, get a GameCube and Wind Waker, you'll not be let down!
I think I'll buy a GC right before they become obsolete. It's become a trend of mine, lately. =P
If you're content with doing that (which you seem to be), then that's a great way to enjoy a system to the fullest, after all the great games already come out and you have a huge library to choose from!
Good idea. You could invest in multiplayer GBA-playing, or an older Nintendo. Unfortunately, I'm a little young (or just deprived =O) to know the experiences that NES and SNES had to offer.. ;-;
The NES that Meika will soon own has been lovingly cared for by someone who lived through the "Nintendo" years, before the dark times... Before the Genesis.
As a bonus, you can buy used games, and thus cheaper games. I'm not a big whore for SP games, but I want to try a lot of the old GB/C ones.